The 5 Habits of Weight Loss Success was written after seeing many people lose weight from weight loss surgery. Years later they would gain it back. I had to ask, ‘Why?’

While weight loss surgery will lead to weight loss, its up to the patient to keep it off. So why did some patients manage to keep it off and others didn’t? The answer is surprisingly simple. The patients that kept the weight off changed their habits.

We do not realize that our actions, driven by habit, directly affect our health. In fact, we rarely realize that the choices we make are governed by habits we created years ago. Indeed, what we do, what we choose to eat, the clothes we choose to wear and so much more is driven by habit.

This book teaches five simple habits that will start you on the path to weight loss surgery success.

The Time To Read This Is Now

If you’ve already had surgery, its not too late to start habit changes that will lead to long-term weight loss success. But you must start now.

If you haven’t had surgery, this is the perfect time to implement these five simple habit changes. The book is short and simple. Its actionable and will make a difference. If you’re considering weight loss surgery, then make it ‘stick.’ Keep the weight off for good. Remember, surgery is just a tool to get your weight down. Its up to you to keep it off.

Dan Goodall

Dan has worked with Bariatric Surgeons and coordinators for over 9 years. During that time he has witnessed amazing transformations that started with weight loss surgery.

After years of watching many successes, common traits emerged. The patients that managed to keep the weight off did something different. They changed internally.

And it wasn’t just their bodies that improved. Careers and personal lives hit new highs as the weight stayed off. The internal change starts at the very core of every person. Habits.