I Cheated After Gastric Bypass

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Life is full of ups and downs. Gastric bypass surgery helps you lose weight fast. But like anyone, successful patients are not immune to temptation. And occasionally they cheat!

This week’s guest is a cheater. She has cheated on a few occasions. ‘I’m not perfect but either is anyone else’. Connie (Canstance Burel) gives us honest and sometimes blunt advice on how to move on. ‘Life happens, keep moving.’

Connie had gastric bypass surgery about a year ago. She weighed 348 lbs at her heaviest and was on the verge of full blown diabetes.

Why did Connie choose to have surgery?

  • She had a car accident in 1992 that left her with chronic back pain.
  • Her doctor had told her often that she needed to lose weight to decrease the pain.
  • Connie is African American and diabetes related illness is one of the leading causes of death for African Americans.
    • When her doctor put her on diabetes medication (which she doesn’t like taking) she knew she had to make some changes quick

What helped her take action and have surgery?

  • Connie had multiple friends that had weight loss surgery and they looked and felt great.
  • Their support and results prompted Connie to look into it.
  • When she found out her insurance covered it, the decision was easy.

What does Connie suggest to those of us who may have cheated a few times?

  • Don’t beat yourself up over it. It happens.
  • Connie is blunt and honest here. Too many people dwell on past mistakes.
      • This creates a vicious cycle of self-hate that leads to more overeating.

Tomorrow’s a new day. Get yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

Connie’s Tips And Tricks for people considering weight loss surgery.

  1. Find a forum or Facebook group and start asking questions.
  2. See if someone is local and willing to meet with you.
  3. People who have gone through this understand the trepidation and are very helpful.
  4. It’s easier than you think to find someone local that is more than willing to help out.
  5. Yes, you may find some haters. Haters are everywhere online and in life.

There are always going to be haters, always going to be someone that shoots you down. Life happens, you take the hater, shake it off and use it as a stepping stone.

Thank you Connie for a great interview. I love Connie’s spirit, willingness to share, and heartfelt desire to help others. Connie says you can reach out to her on Facebook, she’s always happy to help others pursuing weight loss surgery. I told Connie that she should pursue a career in motivational speaking.

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