The Hardest Part Of Weight Loss Surgery

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This interview is my absolute favorite for many reasons. We were lucky enough to find Jenna who was able to very clearly explain the most difficult part of weight loss surgery.

You may have heard of how emotions can change as you lose weight quickly. Many people get emotional or even angry as they’re losing weight at a rapid rate and their hormones adjust. But this interview isn’t about that. It’s about something much more difficult.

Jenna spent much of her life trying to be a wallflower. She didn’t want to be noticed. Comments like, ‘You’re growing the wrong way,’ or ‘You have such a pretty face,’ were not what she wanted to hear.

Now Jenna gets attention without trying. People approach her and tell her that she’s beautiful. People who previously wouldn’t talk to her make an effort to get to know her. Sounds great, right?

When you spend 25 plus years trying to hide and live a life that is full of self-hate that feeds a viscous cycle of eating and more weight gain to a life that in just 10 months is filled with compliments and attention from men, your world changes. I will never do Jenna justice trying to explain what she has gone through. Below is what Jenna says in closing, but please listen to the entire interview.

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“No matter what happens after your surgery, no matter what troubles you have, or what you may be going through…You have to understand that it is a part of what you’ve done. You have to come to grips with the fact that it is not easy. It is not, as you said, all rosy.


But if you can understand that no matter what you may go through, the pros will always outweigh the cons. And that the further out you go, the longer you go, the more weight that comes off, you will see, regardless of anything, how incredible it is to live.


And that if people are afraid of little things like, ‘Oh I won’t be able to eat cake or I won’t be able to drink a beer,’ you know what? I eat cake and drink beer at the same time and I’m not ashamed to say that. Because you will still be a person.


This is not an end-all. You will live your life but you will be living happier and healthier and most importantly smarter.


And if you feel that this is something that will improve your life and improve the quality of life of people around you. Because that’s important too. The way you are affects everyone around you. Just do it. Just bite the bullet. Do it. And enjoy your life. That is what I would tell people.



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