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When you consider weight loss surgery in Detroit, Michigan there are many solid options. Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan and home to a population with a high rate of obesity. Detroit is filled with a history of sport teams. Nothing goes better with a Pistons game than a beer and a hot dog. Unfortunately, Detroit also has a cold winters and a lower than average exercise rate when compared to the rest of the country. Don’t fret, there is help. Detroit has some amazing weight loss programs.

Your New Self

Your New Self is Detroit Medical Center's bariatric program.

Detroit Medical Center is at the top of our list for bariatric surgery programs. The hospital itself is dedicated to helping the community get healthy. I love their 61 day challenge: Less Sugar, More Steps. We also love their bariatric program, Your New Self (formerly Harper BMI).

The Your New Self surgical program is led by Drs. Wood, Hendrick, Weber, and Edleman. Drs. Wood and Hendrick have over 7000 surgeries. This is more than most programs will ever reach and that doesn’t include Dr. Edelman or Dr. Weber (who are both equally experienced). It’s clear that the program has reinvested in the support of their patients. They have a redesigned website that makes getting the information you need before and after surgery easy. They have an amazing free app in the app stores called Your New Self that offers a nutrition tracker, appointments, and more.

Your New Self also has a medically managed weight loss program for those that aren’t ready for surgery.

If nothing else, you should check out their success stories and download their app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.


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