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LIMARP bariatric surgery hospital.

Dr. Pompa MD FACS is a highly skilled bariatric surgeon known not only for her surgical skill but also for her ability to connect with everyone, conquering obesity one patient at a time.

Leveraging her ‘Your Safety First’ strategy, she built her own private state-of-the-art hospital, LIMARP, designed specifically for bariatric patients. A stickler for the details, Dr. Pompa MD FACS manages every single step of the 5 day process with laser sharp focus. In short, she has thought of everything – so you don’t have to!

From her strict methodologies, her triple screening practices, her uncompromising commitment to rigorous sterilization protocols, and her customized patient programs, it should come as no surprise that over her 16 years as a bariatric specialist, she has excellent results. Her practice of performing only 3 surgeries per day is proof that she puts your safety above profits! No cattle calls. No patient herding. No non-medical patient coordinators making surgery suggestions. No same day or next day discharges. And no disappearing acts.

In addition to her reputation as a top bariatric surgeon on the global stage, she has helped thousands of people save and change their lives for the better. A proud Mexican hailing form Tijuana, Dr. Pompa MD FACS sets the standard extremely high in terms of patient health and safety.

  • She is one of a handful of certified bariatric surgeons in Tijuana
  • She is one of scant few surgeons to achieve their Fellowship from the American College of Surgeons
  • She is one of the minority who have their own facility and control the surgical process from  end-to-end
  • She is one of the few who have trained in the United States, Europe, and Mexico
  • She has teaches hundreds of surgeons every year with her techniques
  • She is one of only a handful of surgeons in Mexico who has earned the ‘Master Surgeon of Excellence’ designation, and whose facility has earned the ‘International Center of Excellence’ designation by meeting international standards of patient care and safety as set out by the independent Surgical Review Corporation
  • She is highly regarded by her colleagues and is frequently called on for her wisdom in complicated cases
  • She is the go-to surgeon for the complex revision surgeries that most surgeons shy away from

And if this isn’t enough, she was recently nominated as the most influential woman in Mexico for her many community contributions.

Dr. Pompa’s qualifications, competence, compliance, track record and reputation make her a top choice for surgery in Mexico. 

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