Hodges Weight Loss And Advanced Surgery

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Hodges Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery

Dr. Cameron Hodges and his team have developed a robust bariatric program dedicated to patient success in Amarillo, TX. Renee Bergmeir is the Registered Dietitian. For those patients required to participate in a medically supervised diet, she will set you on the path to success. Renee also runs many of the pre-op and post-op support groups. Aerica, Vicki and Farrel are Dr. Hodges right-hand-women (RNs and PA). Joe Barton handles the psych counseling.

Dr. Hodges offers a unique small group approach to seminars offering patients plenty of one-on-one time to get their questions answered. When you call Hodges Weight Loss And Advanced Surgery, you’ll likely speak to Ana. Ella se habla Espanol – that means she speaks Spanish and helps translate as needed. The great team, coupled with Dr. Hodges dedication to patient success, is what makes Hodges Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery a unique and excellent experience.


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