North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates

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North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates

North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates is a premier bariatric surgery practice, dedicated to meeting your health goals through our expertise, support, and accessibility. When weight interferes with your quality of life, health and future, the team at North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates will help you get back on track so you can live the life you want.

The program is proud to be a center of excellence with a high volume of successful long term results. While their board-certified bariatric surgeons have years of experience, they are focused on productive, thoughtful, one-on-one interactions with their patients and are dedicated to safely helping you choose the right surgery that will lead to a sustainable and life-changing future.

North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates provides a superior support program to ensure all of their patients can be happy and healthy after surgery. From post-operative classes and seminars to support groups and individual follow-ups with their surgeon and dietitian to ensure every patient receives tailored nutrition and education consultations. Patients are virtually linked to their practice and staff through their free mobile App, which helps you prepare for surgery, create short and long term goals, track and monitor your weight and food intake, direct contact with our dietitians 24/7, make appointments, access recipes and events, and customized reminders for vitamin supplementation and medications.

The entire team is dedicated to helping patients achieve their long-term health goals by providing comprehensive support before, during and after surgery. If your weight keeps you from living the life you want, you owe it to yourself to do something about it.


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