Sage Bariatrics

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Sage Bariatrics

By far one of the most comprehensive weight loss programs in Texas, The Sage Bariatric Institute has everything, and then some.

Sage Bariatric is a comprehensive bariatric program with tremendous experience, a comprehensive program, and thousands of successful, happy patients.

The surgeons at Sage have performed over 12,000 bariatric surgeries.  Their experience results in unsurpassed safety and surgical expertise.  Their team is 100% dedicated to bariatrics.  They offer their patient not only excellence in surgical skills, but also the knowledge from over 35 years of experience of caring for bariatric patients long-term.

Sage Bariatric doctors are award-winning, and their center has been named an ASMBS Center of Excellence.  As technology advances, they advance.  They offer the latest in bariatric procedures and their surgeons actually train other surgeons all over the country.

The team at Sage Bariatric includes bariatric surgeons, a bariatric physician, a bariatric dietitian, and a team of bariatric advanced practice providers.  Psychologists and on-site exercise trainers are also an active part of the team.  They are dedicated to helping people lose weight and keep it off.

Sage Bariatric – Transforming Health and Lives!


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