the Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery

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The Denver Center For Bariatric Surgery


The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery is the longest tenured Center of Excellence program in the region. Dr. Michael Snyder, an expert in the field who has performed more bariatric surgeries than any other doctor in the Denver metropolitan area, leads our dedicated team of medical professionals. Our program offers a unique, specialized approach to weight loss surgery in an environment focused on each patient’s success and wellbeing before, during and after surgery.

Many of our patients are tired of being told by other doctors to simply “eat healthy and get some exercise.” Patients who visit us have often tried numerous diets and are concerned about their health. The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery offers multiple weight loss surgery options that are tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. Procedures include Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, LapBand Surgery and bariatric revisions. Additionally, Dr. Snyder was one of the first doctors in the region to perform the Intragastric Balloon procedure, a revolutionary, nonsurgical option that includes a full year of medical management.

We understand that weight loss can have an extraordinary impact on the lives of our patients, vastly improving both their health and overall lifestyle. Patients choose our program because we are committed to helping you reach your weight loss goals and supporting you throughout your entire journey.


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