Southwest Bariatric Surgeons

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Southwest Bariatric Surgeons, Austin, TX

Southwest Bariatric Surgeons are collectively the most experienced bariatric surgery group in Austin, TX. While experience is important, equally important is the program’s dedication to your success. The team at Southwest Bariatric Surgeons are some of the most caring and dedicated people in the business.

Drs. Faulkenberry, Sherrod, Marquez and Fass have been with the team for years and I’ve personally witnessed their excellence in the operating room. Their bedside manner is equally impressive.

Jerry Elizondo is the really fit guy (aka Registered Dietitian) that runs the support groups and gets you set ready for your pre-op and post-op diet.

To get started in their program attend a free seminar or download their free app by searching the app stores for Southwest Bariatric Surgeons.


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