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How To Get Started With Weight Loss Surgery

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Navigating the complicated process of weight loss surgery is difficult. Where should you start researching? How do you choose a surgeon? What’s the first step? These are all common questions. The resources below should help you get started.


Do You Qualify For Weight Loss Surgery?Blood pressure measuring studio shot

There are some basic requirements that must be met before you can have weight loss surgery in the United States. If you’re planning on travelling abroad or to Mexico, you do not need to meet the same requirements.

You may be able to find a surgeon that will operate on you outside of the US if you don’t meet these requirements but do you really want to?

Find out if you qualify for weight loss surgery.

Does Your Insurance Cover Surgery?

Explanation of benefitsMost of us do not have endless amounts of money. Weight loss surgery can cost over $20,000. While paying cash makes getting to the operating table faster and easier, it’s worth it to find out if your insurance carrier covers surgery for morbid obesity.

We’ve created a simple list of common insurance carriers. This list shows if weight loss surgery is a covered benefit, the criteria that is needed for approval, and other key requirements for coverage.

Attend A Weight Loss Surgery Seminar

Weight loss surgery seminarOften the first point of contact with you and your new surgeon is at a weight loss surgery seminar. Some surgeons require seminar attendance before your first consult.

Seminars usually last about an hour. You’ll get an overview of the procedures offered and have a change to talk with the surgeon. Learn about weight loss surgery seminars and how to find one in your area.

How To Choose A Surgeon You’ll Love

Multi-ethnic medical group smiling at the cameraThere are a lot of very talented surgeons. Some may be in your home city and some may be a drive or a flight. The weight loss seminar was your first step in getting to know your surgeon. The initial consult is your chance to find out if your surgeon is the right match.

But how do you know if you’ve got a talented surgeon? Is it worthwhile to travel to find a good surgeon?

And shouldn’t we care about more than just surgical skill? This article will prepare you with questions you must ask your surgeon to ensure you’re in good hands.

Which Procedure Is Best For You?obesity-options_thumb

There are many options for weight loss surgery. Some are common and some are not so common.

Each procedure has benefits and risks. Certain bariatric procedures may be a better fit for your lifestyle. Your eating habits, support group, and exercise habits all play a big role in the procedure’s long-term success.

Start with the bariatric surgery selector tool. This is a quiz that will help you decide which procedure is right for you.

All About The Insurance Process

It typically takes 6 months to a year before your insurance will approve you for surgery. There are many steps to follow and lots of documentation to find. Your surgeon’s office should have a specialist to help guide you through the process. However, it’s very important that you are familiar with the process as well.

This article is an overview of the insurance process.

6 Month Physician Supervised Diet?luggage_thumb

Most insurance companies require you follow a 6 month physician supervised diet prior to surgery.

What is a physician supervised diet?

Psych Counseling

You have to prove that you are of sound mind to follow the post-operative diet and make permanent lifestyle changes.

Check with your bariatric surgeon for a list of local preferred providers.

Stay Connected

As soon as you come home from the hospital, you’ll have questions. The good news is there are many helpful people already available to help.

They’re on forums. Check out our favorite forums.

Stay Motivated

You will need to change old habits. This is tough. It requires motivation and strict attention to your diet. The Baritastic App is a great help.

Check out our favorite app for weight loss surgery.


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