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Which Weight Loss Surgery Forum Should I Join?

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Weight loss surgery is a big decision. Weight loss surgery is also an emotional roller coaster. Successful patients typically have a strong support group. And while family is wonderful to have as support, none of them can relate to your surgery unless they have gone through it.

Weight loss surgery forums are the best way to share your personal experiences with someone who has gone through or is going through the same journey.

Weight Loss Surgery Forum Reviews

Surprisingly, making the decision to have surgery is relatively easy compared to the ups and downs that you will experience before and after surgery. The forums help smooth out the roller coaster ride. I like the forums below.

Weight loss forums

Weight loss forums

Lap Band Forums

Lap Band Talk – This forum is always busy and has friendly and helpful members. Its the biggest Lap Band forum online and you’re sure to find a weight loss buddy here. I especially like the ‘Weight Specific Lap Band Support Groups.”

Thinner Times Forums – This forum is user friendly and won’t overwhelm. There are less subforums and its easy to find the latest posts. You’ll like this if you’re not a techie and just want to be able to easily post and quickly read others posts.

Gastric Sleeve Forums

Vertical Sleeve Talk – This is by far the best gastric sleeve forum on the internet. Its clean, easy to join, and easy to find what you’re looking for. There are a ton of helpful members who are friendly and quick to answer your questions.

Gastric Sleeve Forum – This forum has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a busy forum. I will say that there is a bit of clutter on this site and you have to look carefully to distinguish between the advertising and the helpful members.

Gastric Bypass Forums

Obesity Help’s Gastric Bypass Forum – I couldn’t have a forums section and not include Obesity Help. Obesity Help has a ton of resources and possibly the most members of any forum on the internet. This can be overwhelming at times but its also a great resource. The members do a great job of being helpful and the volume of information is staggering. Anything about gastric bypass can be found here if you put in enough time.

RNY Talk – This forum is run by the same people that run Vertical Sleeve Talk. Like Vertical Sleeve Talk, RNY Talk is clean, simple and easy to navigate. The members are helpful and there is plenty of activity to keep you busy reading and get your questions answered quickly.


I hope these are helpful and your journey to a thinner, healthier and happier you is made easier by the support and friendships you will find on these forums. Oh – and feel free to join our facebook group by clicking the like button on our page. We’ve got a lot of friendly people always willing to answer your questions.


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