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Our Mission

ObesityCoverage will strive to provide authoritative, accurate, and compelling information before and after bariatric surgery. ObesityCoverage encourages sharing your experiences and knowledge to provide those considering obesity surgery a more informed and comfortable decision. The surgery is only a first step. Life after obesity surgery takes courage and determination.

Obesity Coverage Authors

Dan AbelingEditor in Chief, Dan Abeling

After getting his Bachelor’s of Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Dan worked as a EMT/Paramedic for 4 years in San Jose, CA. Fascinated with medicine, Dan took a job working for a major surgical device manufacturer. During his 8 years in surgical devices, the majority of his time was spent in the operating room with Bariatric Surgeons.

Witnessing well over 300 bariatric surgery cases, working directly with bariatric surgeons on a daily basis, and witnessing amazing patient transformations, Dan now runs ObesityCoverage.com and the Baritastic app.

Obesity Coverage Advisory Board

Articles are written and/or reviewed by Dan Abeling as well as leading experts in the bariatric surgery field. We are proud to have leading experts in bariatric surgery review our articles for medical accuracy where noted. Information about our Advisory Board can be seen here.

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ObesityCoverage.com is owned by NBL Media, LLC. While ObesityCoverage.com is completely free to use, the company does make money from advertising revenue. The advertising pays for our hosting and the salary of it’s employees. Note: Our editorial content is not influenced by our funding sources. Our website hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control Google ads’ content. We reserve the right to block any ads that may mislead or misinform our users.

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