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The Complete Guide To Bariatric Surgery [Bariatric Bible]

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Table of Contents: Bariatric Surgery Benefits Bariatric Surgery Gets a Bad Rap What is the Point of Bariatric Surgery? What Exactly is Bariatric Surgery? Which Procedure is Best? Your New Diet The Emotional Rollercoaster Does Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery? How Do I Get Started? Conclusion Bariatric Surgery Benefits: What You Can Expect Let’s start by taking a look at what …

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The New Patient’s Guide To Gastric Bypass

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Table of Contents: History Benefits Surgery Day Recovery Diet Dumping Syndrome Vitamins & Supplements Can it be Stretched? Expected Weight Loss Saggy Skin Emotional Changes Risks and Downsides Books and Tools For Success Conclusion History Weight loss surgery was developed using two different approaches. One of these approaches used techniques of restriction that limited the intake of calories while the …

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Expected Weight Loss From Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Calculator

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Patients often want to know exactly how much weight they will lose from gastric sleeve surgery. The answer changes for every patient. But there are some easy ways to calculate your expected weight loss. Having proper expectations for how much weight you can expect to lose, assuming you follow the after surgery guidelines, is an important factor when considering your …

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How Much Weight Will You Lose After Lap Band Surgery?

In Lap Bands by OC Staff

If you’re considering weight loss surgery then you should consider Lap Band surgery. There are three common weight loss procedures; Lap Band surgery, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery. The technique and method of weight loss is different for every procedure. However, the goal is the same, to lose weight, reduce co-morbidities, and live a healthier life. The amount of …

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Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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There are several things to consider when trying to decide between gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery. Unlike the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (Lap Band), these two operations are both permanent, reduce hunger, and lead to the highest percentage of weight loss. To properly compare gastric sleeve surgery to gastric bypass surgery we will examine the following data : Expected …

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Cost of Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy) Surgery

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Results based on January, 2015 Survey Costs can vary based on your location. Typically, the price of gastric sleeve surgery is slightly more than gastric band surgery and considerably less than gastric bypass surgery. Based on our 2015 survey, prices in the 10 most expensive states dropped almost 10% and the average price dropped almost 5% compared to last year. …

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Before And After Your Gastric Balloon [Complete Guide]

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Gastric balloons are an alternative to bariatric surgery for people with lower body mass indexes. Most patients lose between 20 and 50 pounds over a six-month period (about 10 to 20% of total body weight). Gastric balloons can be effective, they don’t require surgery, and they can be placed in a matter of minutes. They are temporary, however, and require …

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