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Top 7 Apps After Weight Loss Surgery

In After Surgery, Apps, Resources by OC Staff

You’ve had weight loss surgery and you’re on your way to a thinner and healthier life. You’d like to take advantage of technology and use some of the great apps out there to help you along the way. But which apps should you use? There are a lot of choices and many of them seem similar. We reviewed over 30 …

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Which Weight Loss Surgery Forum Should I Join?

In Apps, Before Surgery, Resources by OC Staff

Weight loss surgery is a big decision. Weight loss surgery is also an emotional roller coaster. Successful patients typically have a strong support group. And while family is wonderful to have as support, none of them can relate to your surgery unless they have gone through it. Weight loss surgery forums are the best way to share your personal experiences …

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Baritastic – Our Favorite Weight Loss Surgery App

In After Surgery, Apps, Before Surgery, Featured by OC Staff

Baritastic is our favorite app for weight loss surgery patients. The app provides much needed motivation via the weekly motivation tab. The podcasts are inspirational and are a great listen on your way to work. You can track nutrition, access great online resources, track your steps and much more. Whether you are considering weight loss surgery or already losing weight, …