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by OC Staff

Capital Health Bariatric Program


The Team at Capital Health Metabolic and Weight loss Center empowers you to make the lifestyle changes you need to achieve a healthy weight, rediscover your health and self-confidence and find your new self! We know weight loss and change is not easy.  If you are ready, consider our weight loss options and let our experts be your guide.

Dr. Chung, medical director, is the is one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the Central New Jersey area and has performed over  1,000 surgeries including sleeve-gastrectomy, gastric-bypass, Lap-Band ® and revisional surgeries. All procedures are performed laparoscopically – which is less invasive and improves surgery outcomes. Dr. Chung is complemented by her bariatric team composed of registered dietitian, program coordinator, psychiatrist, other highly trained surgeons, physician assistants, and nurses.

If weight loss surgery is the option you are seeking, it is not “ a quick-fix” and  success is only possible with full dedication and compliance. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive program that guides you before surgery and will continue throughout your journey.

Before surgery, our dietitian provides you with a personalized plan to start you on the right path to weight management —focusing on healthy lifestyle skills that are necessary to build for surgery success. You will learn more about these skills and about healthy eating in our detailed nutrition classes. After surgery, our Team is there to help you with the positive and permanent lifestyle changes necessary to live your healthiest life! We also offer a lifetime of support in our monthly support groups, 24/7 online support group, Program App, social media channels and program events!

If surgery is not the tool you are looking for to lose weight, consider our Medical Weight Loss program led by Dr. Chung and her registered dietitians. Call our office at (609)-537-6777 and visit our website for more information on both our surgical and medical weight loss programs! Is it time to turn “One Day” into Day One?