Mather Bariatrics and Dr. Ahmad

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Mather Hospital and Dr. Ahmad Bariatrics


Mather Hospital together with Dr. Arif Ahmad have been awarded the designation of Bariatric Center of Excellence from the Surgical Review Corporation continuously since 2007; this is a very challenging process requiring multidisciplinary commitment as a team, interacting effectively to meet the rigorous standards of excellence essential to provide the quality of care necessary to meet this honored distinction.

Innovation and growth is a promise to which Mather Hospital has made a commitment to its community; purchasing the DaVinci Robot to enhance patient outcomes has a direct benefit for the bariatric surgery patients. Dr. Ahmad uses the DaVinci on his Roux –En-Y Bypass procedures and the impact has led to decrease in length of stay  and 2016 Dr. Ahmad and Mather became the first hospital in New York State to receive the designation of a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery.

Patient safety is the cornerstone of our program starting with the preoperative preparation to ensure the patient is optimized and safe for surgery. Since 2004 over 4500 bariatric procedures have been performed at Mather Hospital by Dr. Ahmad and his team and our patient outcomes exceed all national benchmarks for complications related to bariatric surgery.

Long term success is a multifaceted process.  Surgery is a tool, which you must learn to use; requiring behavior and lifestyle changes to achieve sustained weight loss.  A supportive, nurturing environment is necessary to meet the challenges along this life journey and our team is here to guide and support you through this journey.

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