North Kansas City Hospital Bariatrics

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North Kansas City Hospital Bariatrics

North Kansas City Hospital offers a comprehensive bariatric surgery program run by a team of talented experts. Their program is the only surgical weight loss center in the Northland. It’s the support, education, and surgeon talent that makes this a top program in Missouri.

  • Pre-surgery program increases the likelihood of long-term success and maintenance of co-morbid conditions and weight loss.
  • Dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable staff.
  • Well-trained OR and nursing units.
  • Facilities designed with patient comfort in mind.
  • Bariatric surgery is the standard of care for most patients with clinically severe obesity.
  • Patients involved with their program and those who follow-up regularly are the most successful long term.

Visit their website and register for a free seminar to get started.


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