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BCBS Louisiana HMO – Weight Loss Surgery Coverage

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BCBS of Lousiana’s HMO plan has a specific exclusion for weight loss surgery in their annual enrollment guide.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana’s HMO Plan Does Not Cover Weight Loss Surgery

While most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans have some sort of coverage for weight loss surgery, it appears that BCBS of Louisiana’s HMO does not provide coverage. Their annual enrollment policy (see the picture below) has a specific exclusion for weight loss surgery. Remember, this is for their HMO plan only.

When an insurance company has a specific exclusion of coverage in its enrollment policy it can be difficult to argue that the surgery should be covered. However, I still suggest that you take a look at ‘How to Appeal an Insurance Denial.’ And you might even consider having your primary care physician write a letter of medical necessity that you can then send to your insurance company.

BCBSLA HMO exclusion for bariatric surgery.


In 2014 BCBS of Louisiana’s HMO plan does offer coverage for participants who are enrolled in the plan’s Heads Up! program for morbid obesity. To learn more about the Heads Up! program visit this site.

Contact for BCBS Louisiana

To contact BCBS Louisiana to inquire about their coverage and your own policy please visit their website.




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