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SEIU Healthcare Coverage of Weight Loss Surgery – 1199SEIU

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It appears that 1199SEIU Healthcare does not cover bariatric surgery. However, SEIU has regional plans that may have policies that vary. Some SEIU plans do offer bariatric surgery coverage.  It is always recommended you call your insurance provider and ask to confirm your coverage for bariatric surgery.

These two resources indicate that 1199SEIU Healthcare does not offer any sort of coverage for weight loss surgery.

  1. SEIU Healthcare NW Benefits Book – Page 74
  2. Section II – Your Benefits – Page 87

SEIU Healthcare does not cover weight loss surgery.
Note: Healthcare benefits change yearly. We do our best to keep these pages updated but it’s possible that your coverage has changed. Please always consult with your insurance provider.

You can visit the 1199SEIU Healthcare site directly here.


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