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by OC Staff

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Presbyterian Bariatric Center is a comprehensive surgical weight loss program designed to help patients achieve long-term success.  Our program is multi-disciplinary with our own dedicated dietitians, behavioral health providers and surgeons who work together to determine the best solution for each individual patient.  We pride ourselves on quality outcomes and providing education to our patients pre-operatively to assist them with life-long sustained weight loss.

All of our procedures are performed using the minimally invasive approach with multiple small incisions.  Our surgeons are board certified and specialize in weight loss procedures.  We offer a full range of procedures to include: Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass and the newer Loop Duodenal Switch or SIPS (Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery) as well as revisions for complications of prior procedures.

If you are interested please contact our program coordinator at (505) 253-6050.



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