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Stomach Stapling Surgery – What is it?

In Before Surgery, Experimental by OC Staff

You’ve probably heard the term stomach stapling. But what does that mean exactly? Is stomach stapling a procedure to lose weight? Did you know there are two common weight loss surgery procedures that involve stomach stapling? What is Stomach Stapling? Stomach stapling is not the technical name of any procedure. However, there is one procedure that only staples your stomach. …

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Mini-Gastric Bypass – The Good, Bad, And Ugly

In Experimental, Mini-Gastric Bypass, Weight Loss Surgeries by OC Staff

While traditional gastric bypass surgery results in excellent weight loss, the procedure is technically challenging and carries a 7% complication risk. The risk of mortality (death) is very low, about 0.5% according to most studies. The mini-gastric bypass procedure has gained popularity in recent years. The mini-gastric bypass was originally developed by Dr. Robert Rutledge in 1997. The mini-gastric bypass is …