Michelle's before and after Lap Band surgery photos.
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Lap Band Surgery – Michele’s Before & After Story

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Michele Elbertson went from 427 lbs, a size 32, to 176 lbs. in just 4 years. Michelle had Lap Band Surgery in 2010 and today she is living a new life. During our interview Michele admits she never used to feel full. She could eat an entire pizza, a full liter of Coke, and chicken wings in a single sitting.

Today, Michele has turned her food addiction into a strong desire to get healthy. She is proud to say she has successfully run 5 marathons, 1 ultra-marathon, took up Zumba and now teaches Bokwa, a new cardio class.

Key Points From Her Interview:

  1. Michele consulted with 2 surgeons before finding the right fit for her.
  2. She attended multiple nutrition counseling courses that taught her how to eat healthy.
    1. Note: These were required by her insurance provider. She hated these at first, but after surgery she put what she learned into action.
  3. She chose Lap Band Surgery for a couple of reasons:
    1. She liked the fact that she could remove the band if needed.
    2. She felt it was a safer, easier procedure.
    3. She liked the fact that the band could be tightened as needed over time.
  4. Exercise
    1. Exercising was the most drastic change for Michele. She provides great tips to get started.
      1. Find an accountability buddy.
      2. Start slow. She walked her first year after surgery. Walking turned into jogging and after her first 5k she was addicted.
  5. Diet
    1. She counts her calories and protein using an app – everyday.
    2. She plans what she will eat if she is going to an event.
    3. She journals.
  6. Tips And Tricks
    1. She gives us a lot of good tips, but I like this quote the best. “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”
    2. She keeps a picture of herself along with her pants from when she was 420 lbs. hanging up in her room as a reminder.

Michelle gave a shout out to her doctor and so will we. If you’re in New Jersey, check out Dr. Iqbal of Iqbal & Khan Surgical Associates. 


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